Molly’s Book – Choices for Women at Midlife:

Natural Hormone Replacement and Alternative Medicine

By Molly Amelia Greacen, Lic. Ac., Diplomate Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism (NCCAOM)

Choices for Women at Midlife, Molly Greacen's BookIn my 34 years of clinical experience as a practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, I have learned so much from the numerous women who have come to me seeking help. My book, “Choices for Women at Midlife Natural Hormone Replacement and Alternative Medicine” serves as a resource for women seeking to learn more about their health options.

I have also learned from many authors who have written on menopause. I have included many of these books in the appendix.

I hope this information will help women who are moving through the “Great Divide” towards their wisdom years, into a time of greater freedom of expression and creativity.

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I put together this little book with the purpose of helping women make the midlife transition with grace and ease. This book will give you information that will help you make informed choices about your health care.

You will get a clearer understanding of hormones and how they work. Step by step, you will learn about the cycles and changes that our female bodies go through at perimenopause, menopause and the post-menopause, and what symptoms you may experience during this process.

This book also contains many useful ideas about diet, nutritional supplements, and herbs. For instance, you will learn that many women experience an increase in premenstrual symptoms during their 40’s, before menopause. These symptoms usually occur when our bodies get low in progesterone. By supplementing with natural progesterone cream, these symptoms will balance out and you will feel much better. Many times a change in diet or the addition of supplements like Vitamin E and B can make a world of difference in how we feel! As we get older, we learn that our bodies do not have the unlimited energy of our youth, and that we need to take better care of ourselves.

This book will help you make some simple dietary and lifestyle changes, so that you can improve your health and look forward to a healthy old age.

There is a great deal of information in this book. It is organized in a way that it is easy for you to access. It is broken down under different headings, according to symptoms you may be experiencing. There are also sections on care for cardiovascular health and maintaining strong healthy bones.

There is an extensive listing of products for hormone replacement. This includes western medical hormone replacement (the drugs that have traditionally been offered to women, which can sometimes have disturbing side effects) as well as the newer “human identical” hormonal products, which generally do not have side effects when used appropriately. You can look up how to go about getting a test to check for hormone levels in the blood or in saliva, and how to go about getting a treatment program together that will get you back in balance without side effects. There is information about testing for bone density, and many ideas for treatment options.

Molly Greacen's Book

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