Laser and Light Therapy

A Treatment for Inflammation of Soft Tissue, and to Speed Up Healing

An alternative to acupuncture therapy

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What Can be Treated by Light Therapy?

Light therapy has been shown effective in treatment of the following conditions:

  • Wound care and tissue repair (wounds, burns, grafts, pressure sores)
  • Inflammatory conditions (bursitis, general tissue inflammation, nerve inflammation including median nerve facial nerve and bells palsy etc.
  • Pain control (acute and chronic) Carpal tunnel syndrome, Head and neck pain, low back pain, Arthritis, post herpetic neuralgia etc.  It effectively treats a wide variety of aches and pains including neck and low back pain, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, peripheral neuropathy, bursitis, tendonitis, hip pain, disc injuries, shin splints, arthritis pain, sports injuries, scar tissue, and plantar fasciitis to name a few.

This is the same equipment used worldwide on professional athletes in all kinds of sports. Light therapy is delivered using either a hand held probe for a more localized treatment, or a pad that can cover larger areas and can be wrapped around injured parts of the arm or leg. The treatment is painless and only takes a couple minutes.

Light TherapyWhite laser

How Does Light Therapy Work?

When the light (photons) is applied to the tissue, they get absorbed into the mitochondria (energy cells) and cell membranes by chromatophores (color pigments in cell). This results in elevation of cell ATP synthesis (increased energy availability). This leads to increased DNA and RNA synthesis which are essential for tissue repair and pain control. The cell uses this extra energy to attain homeostasis (balance).

The Solaris systems light therapy has a number of benefits that help accelerate the healing process and relieve pain faster than conventional treatments alone. It increases blood flow to injured areas by increasing the formation of new capillaries which speed up the healing process by carrying more nutrients and oxygen in and removing waste products from the area. Light therapy stimulates the production of collagen which is essential to tissue repair. It also stimulates the release of ATP. ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is the major carrier of energy in our body. Increasing ATP allows injured cells to accept nutrients and remove waste products faster, resulting in accelerated healing.

Is Light Therapy Safe?

Light and LASER therapy are relatively safe to use. The type used in physical therapy for tissue healing has been classified as Class II Laser with only safety precaution being avoiding staring directly into the beam. Other precautions/contraindications could include avoiding irradiation over the abdomen of pregnant women, and over cancerous tissue.

With many medications being pulled off the market due to secondary health risks, light therapy and other physical modalities could be forerunners in the treatment of pain in the near future due to their relative ease of use and decreased secondary health risks.

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