“Molly helped me get pregnant at age 40. I have a very healthy boy. I highly recommend her work.” -Sharon, Boulder, CO

Using Chinese Medicine During Pregnancy

Chinese medicine is very helpful during pregnancy. Acupuncture gets great results with morning sickness, digestive problems, pain conditions, edema, viral infections, to induce labor and turn a breech baby. It helps maintain a healthy pregnancy and prevent problems such as pre-eclampsia, and promote an easier labor.

Breech and Posterior Babies

Perhaps you have heard of friends whose babies were in breech position towards the end of their labor, and were concerned that the baby was not turning. They were considering the possibility of needing a C- Section. Breech and posterior babies are routinely treated with a therapy called moxabustion, a gentle warming treatment used daily at home on a point on the little toe. Research from Italy showed that this technique can have a significant effect in helping to turn breech babies. (Caedini F, Weixin H. (1998). Moxabustion for correction of breech presentation”. Journal American Medical Association. 280: 1580-1584.) The ideal time for this treatment would be week 34-36, but I have successfully used it later as well. (There needs to be room for the baby to turn.) I also recommend a posture similar to “child’s pose” from yoga that the mother can gently hold for up to 10 minutes a few times during the day.

Labor Preparation

Many patients come 3 to 4 weeks before due date to receive treatments to prepare the pelvis and cervix for labour.  It is done once a week until delivery.  This improves the mother’s health and energy and will shorten the labour. A New Zealand Study with midwives indicated a reduction in women needing medical intervention, including medical induction and C- Section. (Betts D Lenox S (2006) Acupuncture for Prebirth Treatment: An Observational Study of it use in Midwifery Practice. Medical Acupuncture. Vo 17 No 3). This also a good time to instruct your patient about how to have her partner or doula use acupressure during the labor and delivery, in order to reduce pain and stress, and to keep the process moving along.

“I went to Molly for long-standing and difficult fertility issues. She approached everything with a sense of calm and nurturing that I hadn’t experienced with the five other acupuncturists that I had gone to for help. She sat and took notes each time we visited and researched my treatment in her books. She custom blended herbs leaving out the things that I knew I was sensitive to. I was able to get pregnant within just 2-3 months while in her care. This is something that did not happen while I was under the care of the other acupuncturists! Molly was always attentive to my needs and her prices are very fair. Her sincere desire is to help the person foremost while also making a livelihood for herself. I recommend her above any other acupuncturist in Boulder, and like I said, I tried FIVE of the top acupuncturists in the area. They simply could not compete with the individualized treatment you get from Molly! Simply the best in Boulder!” -Julie

Induction for a Late Due Date

This is a gentle approach, using points on the lower leg, hand, and lower back, often with low level electricity, which will help increase contractions, and in most cases, starting up labor without the use of drugs. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 treatments to get the contractions strong enough, and it is well worth trying if you are facing a date when your doctor wants to start induction.

Acupuncture During Labor

Some hospitals have acupuncturists on staff that are available to assist you during labor. You might choose to use this if your baby is posterior, if labor is not progressing or contractions have stopped, or severe low back pain.

Post-Partum Care

Many women come back after the birth, to help heal and regain their strength after the birth, rebuild the blood with diet, herbs and moxabustion, to help with insufficient milk production, mastitis (breast infection), post-partum depression, fatigue, insomnia, or healing after surgery.

Molly will make a home visit after your delivery if you would like that option.

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