Relieving Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia

Our culture has become very speedy, competitive, materialistic, excessively busy, and stressful for all of us. The core of what I teach my patients is about how we came to be ill or out of balance, discovering how to bring our lives back into balance, and making lifestyle changes so that we can stay well.

Chronic stress leads to excessive cortisol secretion, affecting our sleep and moods, causing irritability, fatigue, chronic anxiety and worry, as well as contributing to inflammation all over the body and stress to the heart, nervous system, and adrenals.

I listen carefully to you, to understand what your life stresses and concerns are. I make sure that we have time to talk about what is causing you difficulty. I look at each patient as a unique individual, and see how the imbalance is showing up for that person.

Getting good sleep is essential! I have herbal remedies I recommend. I also look at the health of the adrenal system (and sometimes recommend saliva testing for that.) Using adrenal support can make a huge difference in sleep, as you are working on healing and restoring the body. It can be used at bedtime along with herbs, as well as during the day.

lotus blossoms

Chinese Medicine teaches how stress can affect the Shen, or Spirit, and shows how to rebalance the energy so that stress can be alleviated. Acupuncture is very effective, (especially, ear acupuncture), for calming the liver and heart energy. Herbal medicine is very important. Sometimes biofeedback is recommended to help you learn to breathe and relax the whole body. A good diet is also very important, as well as avoiding stimulants, recreational drugs, alcohol, sugar and tobacco.

If you are on pharmaceutical medication for sleep, Chinese medicine can help you to get off the drugs.

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