Freedom From PMS

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What is It?

Several million women report painful periods, cramps, and PMS that can disrupt life for 7-10 days each month. The most common symptoms include bloating, headache, acne, insomnia, breast tenderness, and irritability or severe mood swings.

Proper diet, exercise, medicinal herbs, supplements, and acupuncture can all be used to better regulate these hormonal fluctuations.


By listening to the pulse, and taking a thorough history, I can determine your particular imbalance that is the cause of your symptoms. I am listening for the flow of energy, (or Qi), and blood, as well as stagnation in the digestion, and imbalance of yin and yang as a means of identifying your pattern of disharmony. The common symptoms of PMS are due to the stagnation of liver Qi. Severe cramping can be due to blood stagnation, internal cold, or occasionally heat. Deficiency of Blood can cause more problems with sleep, fatigue or dizziness. If there are issues with vaginal discharge or bloating, there may be overgrowth of candida, or chronic bacterial infection (Damp Heat).

When Qi and Blood flow become blocked, blood pools in the uterus, increasing the discomfort of monthly periods. You may experience severe cramping, bloating, fatigue and anger or irritability.

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Acupuncture, dietary changes, herbal medication, and often a supplement called DIM is very effective for this condition.


For many women with severe PMS, (symptoms for more than a few days before the menses), there is a condition called “estrogen dominance”, where there is an excess of estrogen in the blood stream. This can come about when the liver is not functioning very well, and cannot metabolize estrogen properly. DIM is an herbal supplement that helps the liver pathways detoxify our body’s own estrogen.
It is mild and very helpful for many women.

There could also be a deficiency of progesterone for many women, especially women over 35 who are having perimenopausal symptoms.
In that case, over the counter natural progesterone supplement in cream form can be taken from ovulation to the beginning of menses.

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