Molly’s Chinese medicine work is dedicated to your health and well-being.
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An acupuncturist’s acupuncturist! Molly took care of me after I had a near fatal surgery and she was extraordinary. Her level of knowledge after so many years of practice are saturated with her deep, abiding compassion. She is a very special practitioner. Highly recommended by this physician acupuncturist.
Naomi Rabinowitz, MD LAc, Longmont, CO
Molly Greacen is perhaps the most thorough and thoughtful health care providers I have ever worked with. At each visit she takes ample time to inquire about what is going on in my life and with my body. She is thoughtful about her treatment choices and draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience from her many years in practice. I highly recommend Molly for anyone who is wanting a skilled acupuncturist who takes the time to really listen to them.

I discovered Molly Greacen after I had become frustrated with my course of treatment from Western doctors. I did not feel like anyone was really taking the time to understand my unique set of symptoms and I did not feel much compassion from my providers. Molly proved to be the complete opposite. She treated my case as something to study and ponder and research until she found some answers. When she didn’t know how to treat something, she studied and read and reached out to colleagues. After leaving her office I never felt frustrated but instead felt inspired to also learn more. She gave me hope in my situation and ultimately my treatments with her were successful.

Molly Greacen is a true gem in our community! I will always be grateful to her for what she provided me.

Jill Ryerson, Lyons, CO
I went to Molly for long-standing and difficult fertility issues. She approached everything with a sense of calm and nurturing that I hadn’t experienced with the five other acupuncturists that I had gone to for help. She sat and took notes each time we visited and researched my treatment in her books. She custom blended herbs leaving out the things that I knew I was sensitive to. I was able to get pregnant within just 2-3 months while in her care. This is something that did not happen while I was under the care of the other acupuncturists! Molly was always attentive to my needs and her prices are very fair. Her sincere desire is to help the person foremost while also making a livelihood for herself. I recommend her above any other acupuncturist in Boulder, and like I said, I tried FIVE of the top acupuncturists in the area. They simply could not compete with the individualized treatment you get from Molly! Simply the best in Boulder!
Julie, Lyons, CO
I can honestly say that Molly changed my life. Not only is she a caring,empathetic, and very professional provider, she is knowledgeable and skilled in her practice. I really liked the fact that she spent a great deal of time talking to me, and provided me with excellent references and reading materials in order to help me better understand my condition. I have strongly recommended her to many friends, and would unequivocally recommend her to anyone needing this service!
Melissa Locher, MS, ANP-BC

As an experienced acupuncturist, herbalist, and practitioner of Chinese medicine, Molly has been an amazing diagnostician, teacher, and healer for me. Originally I went to her for a knee injury that hadn’t resolved after several years of MRI’s, X-rays, injections, draining, medications, physical therapy, electrical stimulation. She used a variety of modalities and approaches to put me rapidly on the path to recovery while diagnosing and treating several other conditions at the same time! I wholeheartedly recommend her skills and sensitivity to you. And if you enjoy Brasilian music, it’s icing on the cake!

Susan Conversano, Social Services Coordinator at Frasier Meadows Health Care Center, Boulder, CO
Molly saved me from myself when my hormones went berserk. Within two weeks I felt more grounded, calm and centered. Besides her excellent skills as a health practitioner, her compassion, wisdom and humor are a delight.
Jane C., Boulder, CO
For 20 plus years, Molly’s expertise and compassionate care has supported my health and well being.
Rebecca W., Ashland, Oregon
Molly listens and uses her acupuncture needles just like a highly trained musician. She listens not only to my words but my whole body. After a treatment, my body is able to sing again. I’m always grateful for the wonderful tune-up. Thanks for listening with your whole heart and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Thanks for your friendship–miss you.
Sue B., Boston, MA
I feel truly fortunate to have found Molly. She has taken a holistic approach to my specific health needs and helped me balance my body as I come into menopause. Thank you, Molly!
Heather, Boulder, CO
Molly helped me get pregnant at age 40. I have a very healthy boy. I highly recommend her work
Sharon, Boulder, CO
Working with Molly has been wonderful. She is gentle, caring, has so much knowledge & experience with woman’s issues- you are in good hands. Molly has helped me tremendously and I would recommend her to to others in the community.
Jamie S., Boulder, CO
Molly is an acupuncturist for all seasons of a woman’s life. She has helped me for 40 years, from my 20s to now approaching my 60s, with all the changes a woman’s body may go through. Most recently her acupuncture, herbal remedies, diet guidance, and all-around healing energy helped me wind down out of the menopause change. I feel healthier than I have for years and Molly’s excellent support and focused healing work gets full credit.
Anne Peters, Boulder, CO
Molly is one of the best acupuncturist and herbalists in the Denver Metro area. I have sent many friends to her over the years and they have all been so pleased and thankful. She has helped me resolve a number of health issues. She is skilled, compassionate and a very effective health care practitioner. I highly recommend Molly.
Lu Wright, Lafayette, CO
I have been seeing Molly for almost 2 years now and could not be more pleased! She is kind, understanding and so knowledgeable. I feel very lucky to have found such an amazing acupuncturist that has helped my life become ever better. Thanks Molly!
Tricia Durham, Boulder, CO
Molly is very kind, knowledgeable and takes her practice very seriously. Her office itself is a healing space. I consulted with her about fibroids and fertility and she was full of information. Highly recommended!
Dawn Boiani, Niwot, CO
Molly Greacen is a kind and empathetic acupuncturist who goes out of her way to help others reach their optimum level of health. Molly has helped me, as well as my family, through many different issues. Years ago, after taking an anti-inflammatory drug for a month, I ended up with vertigo, which was so bad I would fall down when I got up, or it would send the room reeling when I laid down. After 5 days of that, I met with Molly and received an acupuncture treatment. I found immediate relief! I had no more vertigo. Molly has also been instrumental in helping me with the transition into menopause, as well as with dealing with exhausted adrenal glands, and therefore hormone imbalances caused by the stress of dealing with extreme trauma to my son, who she also helped. She helped both of us get back on our feet! Also, years ago, when my husband was dealing with months of excruciating pain from plantar fasciitis, Molly helped him get back to hiking condition. These are some of the reasons I highly recommend Molly Greacen for her acupuncture skills!
Pam Unrau, Boulder, CO
I have sent many friends to Molly’s office over the years due to my own positive experience with her work. I first came to Molly desperate to try anything to quell some situational anxiety over 10 years ago. As she has taught me more about her work, I have found her treatment to be helpful (if not curative) for back pain, fatigue, digestive issues, colds and her specialty: women’s reproductive health issues. Molly’s work is built on her huge bank of experience over many years. She is also thorough in her seeking understanding a patient’s history and concerns. She is professional, practical and not in a hurry to “move people through”-a pleasure to be treated by Molly
Carrie Evans, Boulder, CO